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Handicapper Profile For VegasProInsidersDaily

VegasProInsidersDaily services include handicapping :

Visit the website for VegasProInsidersDaily

Current Handicapping Records

SportWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
NFL382758.5 %19271.021
NCF543461.4 %8778.310
NBA211656.8 %12153.017
NCB241561.5 %8290.015
MLB17513955.7 %12356.622
NHL101638.5 %22-167.116
CFL000.0 %00.00
WBA000.0 %00.00
OverallWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
Past 7 Days141156.0%24122.118
Past 30 Days545250.9%40-113.135
Active Season32224756.6%81681.814

Past Records

Last Season41-29 /   385.064-51 /   229.084-81 /   -221.0157-137 /   396.0144-177 /   -1638.556-45 /   -226.8
Prior Season45-46 /   -300.048-61 /   -1005.072-58 /   273.0143-154 /   -1269.0184-152 /   670.261-47 /   -162.0

Current Pending Picks

NFL 12/16 1:00 pm   Miami Dolphins at Minnesota Vikings
NCF 12/15 2:00 pm   North Texas at Utah State
NCF 12/15 9:00 pm   Middle Tennessee St at Appalachian St
NBA 12/14 7:35 pm   Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers
NFL 12/15 4:30 pm   Houston Texans at New York Jets

About VegasProInsidersDaily Handicapping Services :
      Want to know a bit about me? My name is Doug Upstone of Vegas Pro Insiders Daily (www.facebook.com/VegasProIndsidersDaily). I have been involved with the sports handicapping industry in some form or another my entire adult life.

Nobody, I repeat nobody, watches and studies the games more than I do. I have game notes and observations dating back almost two decades. Iím a process person, meaning I have power ratings in different sports and like to determine if existing lines are accurate. I start with the fundamentals when handicapping games and end up with winning picks.

I am the President of Vegas Pro Insiders Daily, where I share my sports analysis and insight. Youíll also find me participating in various internet radio and television sports programming shows picking Winners and delivering quality information.

I enjoy helping people that want to learn about sports, and for those who want to wager, I enjoy helping them win. Iíve worked diligently to get to this point ó my deep analysis has lead to me winning a lot of industry accolades and wagering earnings, both for myself and others.This is why I started Vegas Pro Insiders Daily, to help people learn with great information.

If youíre new to sports analysis, take a minute to poke around. The whole point is to learn something you didnít know and have it be useful in your knowledge of sports which helps build your bankroll.

You will see I have also won a number of awards at Cappers Monitor, proving my skills.


Available Purchase Packages From VegasProInsidersDaily

VPID Winning Monthly Subscription

$39.99 a month

Handicapping expert Doug Upstone's award-winning Premium Plays

Wise Guys plays, Super Systems, Hot Trends and So Much More, all emailed to you

Auto renewal for only $39.99 a month for all sports, cancel at any time.


Vegas Pro Insiders Daily Inner Circle Subscription
$99.99 a month

Top Shelf Plays from FIVE of the Best Documented Handicapping Experts on the Planet.

Super Systems, Wise Guys plays, In-Season Hot Systems and more.

Only $99.99 a month for all sports (auto renewal) emailed to you, cancel at any time.



Cappers Monitor Awards held by VegasProInsidersDaily


Game Results For The Past 30 Days
NBA 11/14     7:35 pm   Miami Heat at Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn Nets 2 L
NCB 11/14     7:30 pm   Seton Hall at Nebraska Nebraska -7 W
NCF 11/15     6:00 pm   Toledo at Kent State Toledo -11.5 W
NHL 11/15     8:05 pm   Vancouver Canucks at Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild -255 W
NCB 11/15     7:00 pm   Southern Miss at Troy Southern Miss 2 W
NCB 11/15     9:30 pm   Oregon at Iowa Iowa 4.5 W
NCB 11/16     5:30 pm   Northern Iowa at Pennsylvania Pennsylvania -1 W
NHL 11/16     8:05 pm   Buffalo Sabres at Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Jets -190 L
NBA 11/16     8:05 pm   Sacramento Kings at Memphis Grizzlies Sacramento Kings 7 L
NCF 11/17     3:30 pm   Missouri at Tennessee Tennessee 7 L
NCF 11/17     8:00 pm   Cincinnati at Central Florida Cincinnati 7.5 L
NCF 11/17     10:30 pm   Arizona State at Oregon Oregon -3 L
NCF 11/17     12:00 pm   Michigan State at Nebraska Nebraska -1 W
NCF 11/17     12:00 pm   Northwestern at Minnesota Minnesota -2 L
NFL 11/18     1:00 pm   Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers -4 L
NFL 11/18     1:00 pm   Houston Texans at Washington Redskins Houston Texans -2.5 L
NFL 11/18     1:00 pm   Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans 2 L
NFL 11/18     4:05 pm   Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers -6.5 L
NFL 11/18     8:20 pm   Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Minnesota Vikings 3 L
NBA 11/18     6:05 pm   Portland Trailblazers at Washington Wizards Portland Trailblazers -1 W
NCB 11/18     10:30 pm   Texas AM at Minnesota Minnesota -4 W
NCB 11/19     7:30 pm   Missouri at Kansas State Kansas State -7.5 W
NBA 11/19     8:05 pm   Dallas Mavericks at Memphis Grizzlies Dallas Mavericks 3.5 L
NBA 11/20     7:05 pm   Los Angeles Clippers at Washington Wizards Los Angeles Clippers -1 L
NCB 11/20     8:30 pm   Wright State at Penn State Wright State 6.5 L
NCB 11/20     11:30 pm   Washington at Texas AM Washington -2.5 W
NHL 11/21     7:05 pm   Chicago Blackhawks at Washington Capitals Washington Capitals -123 W
NBA 11/21     8:05 pm   Portland Trailblazers at Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Bucks -6.5 W
NBA 11/21     8:35 pm   Memphis Grizzlies at San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs -2 L
NFL 11/22     12:30 pm   Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 3.5 L
NFL 11/22     4:30 pm   Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys -6.5 W
NCB 11/22     2:30 pm   La Salle at Miami (FL) Miami (FL) -13.5 W
NCF 11/23     8:30 pm   Washington at Washington State Washington State -2 L
NCF 11/23     12:00 pm   Houston at Memphis Memphis -6.5 W
NHL 11/23     4:05 pm   Montreal Canadians at Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres -120 W
NHL 11/23     7:35 pm   Chicago Blackhawks at Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning -185 W
NBA 11/23     10:35 pm   Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers -2 W
NCB 11/23     6:00 pm   Marshall at Maryland Marshall 9.5 L
NCF 11/24     3:00 pm   UL Lafayette at UL Monroe UL Lafayette 3.5 W
NCF 11/24     3:30 pm   Arizona State at Arizona Arizona 2.5 W
NCF 11/24     3:30 pm   SMU at Tulsa SMU -2.5 L
NCF 11/24     8:00 pm   Notre Dame at USC Notre Dame -10.5 L
NCF 11/24     12:00 pm   Marshall at Florida Intl Florida Intl 3.5 W
NCF 11/24     12:00 pm   Michigan at Ohio State Michigan -197 L
NFL 11/25     1:00 pm   Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers -2.5 L
NCB 11/26     7:00 pm   Louisiana Tech at Delaware Delaware 5.5 W
NHL 11/27     7:35 pm   Anaheim Ducks at Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning -210 L
NHL 11/27     8:05 pm   Arizona Coyotes at Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild -185 L
NCB 11/27     9:00 pm   Southern Illinois at Colorado State Southern Illinois 2.5 W
NCB 11/27     9:00 pm   North Carolina State at Wisconsin Wisconsin -6 L
NBA 11/28     8:05 pm   Washington Wizards at New Orleans Pelicans New Orleans Pelicans -6 W
NCB 11/28     7:00 pm   Virginia Commonwealth at Old Dominion Virginia Commonwealth 3.5 L
NCB 11/28     7:00 pm   Kent State at Detroit Mercy Detroit Mercy 5 W
NCB 11/28     7:15 pm   Syracuse at Ohio State Ohio State -4 L
NHL 11/29     8:05 pm   Chicago Blackhawks at Winnipeg Jets Chicago Blackhawks 185 L
NFL 11/29     8:20 pm   New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 7.5 W
NCB 11/29     10:00 pm   Northern Arizona at UC Davis Northern Arizona 7.5 L
NHL 11/30     9:05 pm   Los Angeles Kings at Calgary Flames Los Angeles Kings 207 L
NBA 11/30     10:35 pm   Dallas Mavericks at Los Angeles Lakers Dallas Mavericks 4.5 L
NCB 11/30     7:30 pm   Central Michigan at TCU Central Michigan 13 L
NCF 12/01     7:45 pm   Fresno State at Boise State Fresno State -0.5 W
NCF 12/01     12:00 pm   Texas at Oklahoma Texas 8.5 L
NCF 12/01     12:00 pm   UL Lafayette at Appalachian St Appalachian St -16.5 L
NBA 12/01     7:05 pm   Golden State Warriors at Detroit Pistons Detroit Pistons 5.5 W
NCB 12/01     1:00 pm   Ball State at Indiana-Purdue Indiana-Purdue 3.5 L
NCB 12/01     3:00 pm   San Diego State at Illinois State Illinois State 2 L
NCB 12/01     4:00 pm   Texas State at Texas-San Antonio Texas State 0 W
NFL 12/02     1:00 pm   Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills 4 P
NFL 12/02     1:00 pm   Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans Houston Texans -5 W
NBA 12/02     7:05 pm   Los Angeles Clippers at Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks 3 W
NCB 12/02     2:00 pm   Delaware at Columbia Delaware 0 W
NBA 12/03     7:35 pm   Denver Nuggets at Toronto Raptors Denver Nuggets 7 W
NBA 12/04     7:35 pm   Orlando Magic at Miami Heat Orlando Magic 3.5 W
NBA 12/04     8:35 pm   Portland Trailblazers at Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks -1 W
NCB 12/04     7:00 pm   Furman at Elon Furman -7 W
NCB 12/04     9:00 pm   Michigan at Northwestern Michigan -4.5 L
NCB 12/04     9:00 pm   South Dakota State at Memphis South Dakota State 4 L
NBA 12/05     8:05 pm   Charlotte Hornets at Minnesota Timberwolves Charlotte Hornets 4.5 L
NCB 12/05     8:00 pm   St Louis at Southern Illinois Southern Illinois -1.5 W
NCB 12/05     10:00 pm   Loyola-Marymount at CS Fullerton Loyola-Marymount 3 W
NCB 12/06     7:00 pm   Maryland at Purdue Maryland 9 W
NHL 12/06     10:05 pm   Nashville Predators at Vancouver Canucks Nashville Predators -140 L
NBA 12/07     7:05 pm   Indiana Pacers at Orlando Magic Indiana Pacers 3 W
NBA 12/07     7:35 pm   Sacramento Kings at Cleveland Cavaliers Sacramento Kings -2.5 W
NBA 12/07     8:35 pm   Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs -1 W
NHL 12/07     8:05 pm   St Louis Blues at Winnipeg Jets St Louis Blues 191 W
NCB 12/08     12:00 pm   Pittsburgh at West Virginia Pittsburgh 10.5 W
NCB 12/08     2:30 pm   Toledo at Marshall Toledo 1.5 W
NCB 12/08     4:00 pm   Pennsylvania at La Salle Pennsylvania -5 W
NCB 12/08     6:30 pm   Florida State at Connecticut Connecticut 9.5 W
NBA 12/08     6:05 pm   Houston Rockets at Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks 3.5 W
NBA 12/08     8:05 pm   Los Angeles Lakers at Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies -1.5 L
NFL 12/09     1:00 pm   Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs under 51.5 W
NFL 12/09     1:00 pm   Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Houston Texans -4 L
NFL 12/09     1:00 pm   New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins New England Patriots -6.5 L
NFL 12/09     1:00 pm   New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills -3 L
NFL 12/09     4:05 pm   Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers Denver Broncos -3 L
NFL 12/09     4:25 pm   Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 3 L
NBA 12/09     6:05 pm   Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors Milwaukee Bucks 6 W
NBA 12/09     7:05 pm   Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs 4.5 W
NHL 12/10     7:35 pm   New York Rangers at Tampa Bay Lightning New York Rangers 230 L
NBA 12/11     8:05 pm   Portland Trailblazers at Houston Rockets Portland Trailblazers 7 P
NHL 12/11     8:05 pm   Ottawa Senators at Nashville Predators Ottawa Senators 233 L
NBA 12/12     7:05 pm   Boston Celtics at Washington Wizards Boston Celtics -2.5 W
NBA 12/12     8:05 pm   Portland Trailblazers at Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies -2.5 W
NBA 12/12     8:35 pm   Atlanta Hawks at Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks -8.5 L
NBA 12/13     8:05 pm   Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets Los Angeles Lakers 6 L
NHL 12/13     8:05 pm   Vancouver Canucks at Nashville Predators Vancouver Canucks 209 L