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Handicapper Profile For TomBartonSports

TomBartonSports services include handicapping :

Visit the website for TomBartonSports

Current Handicapping Records

SportWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
NFL504254.3 %3669.433
NCF294937.2 %61-992.065
NBA252649.0 %53-209.049
NCB635155.3 %11192.021
MLB8850.0 %44-146.345
NHL221068.8 %6144.46
CFL000.0 %00.00
WBA000.0 %00.00
OverallWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
Past 7 Days6746.2%48-120.743
Past 30 Days292158.0%11-56.838
Active Season19718651.4%52-941.568

Past Records

Last Season41-58 /   -957.833-37 /   -288.043-36 /   -84.075-80 /   -618.0132-115 /   -918.30-0 /   0.0
Prior Season44-23 /   593.031-22 /   256.036-22 /   309.056-38 /   375.0120-114 /   -498.90-0 /   0.0

Current Pending Picks

MLB 04/20 8:05 pm   Houston Astros at Texas Rangers
NBA 04/20 8:05 pm   Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons

About TomBartonSports Handicapping Services :
      At Tom Barton Sports we have set out to invent a completely new experience for sports enthusiasts. Founder Tom Barton has works an analyst for ESPN, Fox Sports Radio, Dallas Cowboys. LA Dodgers and Clippers post game shows and has put his face and reputation on the line to deliver the best in sports information to the Tom Barton Sports members. Unlike other sports services and sports investment sites Tom does not hide behind a fake name, or have mysterious sources of information. Tom Barton Sports will explain each play we choose in detail and how we obtained the information at hand. We have set out to change the business from the outside in. The first order of business was to create a fully functional member driven site. That means one fee, once a month, no other fees ever. We will seperate ourselves from the glorified telemarketing sports services, and never change this rule. There are no hidden games, no upgrades, no lifetime memberships or packages, and most of all absolutely no commission. We don't even want to know what your placing on each investment.

Along with the best picks in the business you will receive the information available on key games to make your own decisions. With the Game Write Up section, not only will you get a preview to the games that Tom has selected but also an in depth analysis and breakdown of the game you can't find anywhere else. The Featured Game of the Week section will highlight the week's most anticipated match-ups and give members a glimpse of what to expect. As we continue to seperate from the other companies Tom will also be hosting multiple radio shows each week, with a call in option for each show. he will discuss his plays, upcoming events, and hear feedback from the members. The Tom Barton Sports internet video show will highlight Tom's reporting from the best locations and games in the country as we not only look at the games but the people who make the experience so exciting. Tom's Blog will highlight his thoughts on any number of subjects and the Forum Boards allows members to share their thoughts.

In addition to this members also get access to Fantasy League News right up until game time, so you can get the best players in that day. The Photo section will show you pictures of Tom and his staff around the country compiling research for the weeks games as well as having a little fun on the road. Unlike lesser services we also will provide a detailed breakdown of how to best handle your money and make the most profit possible. Being fiscally responsible is half of this business, a fact often lost on my competition. As well, we will not hide from our plays. We list every play won or lost on the Past Plays page each day, so members can track our progress.

As you can see we are much more than a sports service, we are an information company. Members can rely upon Tom Barton Sports to provide them with everything in the world of sports. The casual player to the seasoned pro will see what seperates us from the rest. Once again no more phone calls, no more screaming about a guaranteed game, no more betting above your head or soliciting personal information, and no more upgrades or commissions. Just the best information in the business at a small monthly fee of just $99.95. With Tom Barton Sports you will be as confident in your plays as you ever have, and enjoy the winning journey. Let Tom Barton Sports welcome you to the Evolution of Sports Handicapping!


Available Purchase Packages From TomBartonSports

No Packages Available From Our Site At This Time

Cappers Monitor Awards held by TomBartonSports


Game Results For The Past 30 Days
NCB 03/21     12:40 pm   Yale at LSU Yale 7 W
NCB 03/21     3:10 pm   Belmont at Maryland Belmont 3.5 W
NCB 03/21     4:00 pm   Northeastern at Kansas Northeastern 7 L
NCB 03/21     4:30 pm   Murray State at Marquette Murray State 4 W
NCB 03/21     9:40 pm   Seton Hall at Wofford Wofford -2 W
NCB 03/21     9:57 pm   Baylor at Syracuse Syracuse -1.5 L
NCB 03/23     6:10 pm   Murray State at Florida State Florida State -4 W
NCB 03/23     7:10 pm   Baylor at Gonzaga Gonzaga -13 L
NCB 03/23     8:00 pm   Minnesota at Michigan State Michigan State -9.5 W
NCB 03/24     2:40 pm   Washington at North Carolina North Carolina -11.5 W
NCB 03/24     7:10 pm   Liberty at Virginia Tech Virginia Tech -8 W
NBA 03/26     7:05 pm   San Antonio Spurs at Charlotte Hornets under 220 L
NHL 03/27     7:38 pm   New York Rangers at Boston Bruins Boston Bruins -335 W
NCB 03/28     7:09 pm   Florida State at Gonzaga Florida State 8 L
NCB 03/28     9:39 pm   Texas Tech at Michigan under 125.5 W
NCB 03/28     9:57 pm   Oregon at Virginia under 120 W
MLB 03/28     1:05 pm   Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees New York Yankees -360 W
MLB 03/28     4:10 pm   Colorado Rockies at Miami Marlins Colorado Rockies -130 W
NCB 03/29     7:29 pm   Auburn at North Carolina North Carolina -5 L
NCB 03/29     7:29 pm   Auburn at North Carolina over 164.5 W
NCB 03/30     8:49 pm   Purdue at Virginia Virginia -205 W
NHL 03/30     7:08 pm   Buffalo Sabres at NY Islanders NY Islanders -185 W
MLB 03/31     1:10 pm   Pittsburgh Pirates at Cincinnati Reds Pittsburgh Pirates 126 W
MLB 04/02     7:05 pm   Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Washington Nationals -191 L
MLB 04/03     1:05 pm   Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Philadelphia Phillies -121 L
NHL 04/04     7:08 pm   New Jersey Devils at Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes -270 W
NBA 04/05     8:05 pm   Miami Heat at Minnesota Timberwolves Miami Heat -2 L
NHL 04/05     7:08 pm   Columbus Blue Jackets at New York Rangers Columbus Blue Jackets -205 W
MLB 04/06     1:35 pm   Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates -125 W
MLB 04/07     1:05 pm   Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies Minnesota Twins 127 L
MLB 04/07     1:10 pm   Washington Nationals at New York Mets Washington Nationals -124 W
NCB 04/08     9:20 pm   Texas Tech at Virginia Virginia -1 W
MLB 04/08     2:10 pm   Tampa Bay Rays at Chicago White Sox Tampa Bay Rays -140 W
MLB 04/09     7:10 pm   Minnesota Twins at New York Mets New York Mets -198 L
NHL 04/10     7:00 pm   Columbus Blue Jackets at Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning -215 L
MLB 04/10     1:10 pm   Cleveland Indians at Detroit Tigers Cleveland Indians -125 L
NHL 04/12     7:00 pm   Columbus Blue Jackets at Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning -265 L
MLB 04/13     3:07 pm   Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Rays -183 L
NBA 04/13     5:00 pm   Orlando Magic at Toronto Raptors Orlando Magic 9 W
NBA 04/13     10:30 pm   San Antonio Spurs at Denver Nuggets Denver Nuggets -250 L
MLB 04/14     1:05 pm   Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees New York Yankees -175 L
MLB 04/14     7:05 pm   New York Mets at Atlanta Braves under 9 L
NBA 04/16     8:05 pm   Orlando Magic at Toronto Raptors Orlando Magic 11 L
NBA 04/16     8:05 pm   Orlando Magic at Toronto Raptors over 211 L
MLB 04/17     1:05 pm   New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies -101 W
MLB 04/17     6:40 pm   Pittsburgh Pirates at Detroit Tigers Pittsburgh Pirates -100 W
NBA 04/18     10:35 pm   Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers Golden State Warriors -8 W
NBA 04/19     7:05 pm   Toronto Raptors at Orlando Magic Orlando Magic 5.5 W
NBA 04/19     8:35 pm   Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers Boston Celtics 3.5 W
NBA 04/19     9:35 pm   Portland Trailblazers at Oklahoma City Thunder Portland Trailblazers 8 L