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Handicapper Profile For DailyProfitTeam

DailyProfitTeam services include handicapping :

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Current Handicapping Records

SportWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
NFL10100.0 %050.00
NCF41028.6 %55-350.045
NBA111345.8 %47-165.033
NCB6746.2 %48-85.041
MLB20515357.3 %17357.028
NHL10100.0 %050.00
CFL000.0 %00.00
WBA000.0 %00.00
OverallWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
Past 7 Days11955.0%2955.029
Past 30 Days171651.5%39-30.036
Active Season22818355.5%38-143.056

Past Records

Last Season3-0 /   150.09-14 /   -320.054-53 /   -215.010-11 /   -105.03-5 /   -215.011-7 /   162.5
Prior Season10-9 /   5.023-20 /   50.016-16 /   -58.019-20 /   -136.055-43 /   393.51-0 /   50.0

Current Pending Picks

NBA 01/22 7:35 pm   Washington Wizards at Miami Heat
NBA 01/22 7:35 pm   Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks
NBA 01/22 7:35 pm   Los Angeles Clippers at Atlanta Hawks
NBA 01/22 7:35 pm   Memphis Grizzlies at Boston Celtics
NBA 01/22 8:05 pm   Denver Nuggets at Houston Rockets
NBA 01/22 10:05 pm   Utah Jazz at Golden St Warriors
NCB 01/22 7:00 pm   Virginia Military at Wofford
NCB 01/22 7:00 pm   Duquesne at Rhode Island
NCB 01/22 7:00 pm   George Washington at Fordham
NCB 01/22 7:00 pm   Massachusetts at George Mason
NCB 01/22 7:00 pm   St Bonaventure at Dayton
NCB 01/22 7:00 pm   South Carolina at Auburn
NCB 01/22 10:00 pm   UC Irvine at CS Long Beach
NCB 01/22 10:00 pm   Chicago State at California Baptist
NCB 01/22 11:00 pm   UNLV at Nevada

About DailyProfitTeam Handicapping Services :
      DailyProfitTeam.com has aligned the strongest, most successful individual handicapping companies on the planet and now this cutting edge profitable information is at your fingertips. DailyProfitTeam.com is a full service sports investment brokerage that relies and executes on private, solid, trustworthy information to ensure clients win at the highest level each day. When you combine DailyProfitTeam.com's level of winning, level of professionalism, and level of integrity along with the highest level of customer service, a formula is created that brings clients back year after year. Join us and we'll deliver the highest level of winning to you


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Cappers Monitor Awards held by DailyProfitTeam

No awards at this time

Game Results For The Past 30 Days
NCB 01/08     9:00 pm   Vanderbilt at Auburn over 151.5 W
NCB 01/08     9:00 pm   Duke at Georgia Tech Duke -11 L
NBA 01/08     7:05 pm   Miami Heat at Indiana Pacers Miami Heat 1.5 W
NBA 01/08     7:05 pm   Washington Wizards at Orlando Magic Washington Wizards 10 L
NBA 01/08     7:35 pm   Denver Nuggets at Dallas Mavericks under 221 W
NBA 01/08     9:05 pm   New York Knicks at Utah Jazz Utah Jazz -12 W
NBA 01/10     7:05 pm   Atlanta Hawks at Washington Wizards over 238 L
NBA 01/10     7:15 pm   New Orleans Pelicans at New York Knicks under 227.5 L
NBA 01/10     9:05 pm   Orlando Magic at Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns -3 W
NBA 01/10     10:35 pm   Golden St Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers over 219 L
NCB 01/10     9:00 pm   Butler at Providence Providence 2 L
NBA 01/10     9:45 pm   Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks -2 L
NBA 01/10     10:05 pm   Milwaukee Bucks at Sacramento Kings over 224 W
NCB 01/16     8:05 pm   Grand Canyon at Chicago State Grand Canyon -16.5 L
NCB 01/16     11:00 pm   Santa Clara at Gonzaga Santa Clara 20 L
NBA 01/16     8:05 pm   Boston Celtics at Milwaukee Bucks under 227 L
NBA 01/16     10:35 pm   Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Clippers Los Angeles Clippers -10.5 W
NBA 01/17     7:05 pm   Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers under 214.5 W
NBA 01/17     8:05 pm   Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder over 216 W
NBA 01/17     9:35 pm   Portland Trail Blazers at Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks -9 L
NCB 01/17     7:00 pm   Rider at Niagara Rider -5.5 L
NCB 01/17     7:00 pm   Dayton at St. Louis under 138 L
NCB 01/17     9:00 pm   Michigan at Iowa Iowa -5 W
NHL 01/17     7:38 pm   Pittsburgh Penquins at Detroit Red Wings Pittsburgh Penquins -220 W
NBA 01/18     3:35 pm   Los Angeles Clippers at New Orleans Pelicans over 231 W
NBA 01/18     6:05 pm   Milwaukee Bucks at Brooklyn Nets Milwaukee Bucks -8.5 W
NBA 01/18     6:05 pm   Milwaukee Bucks at Brooklyn Nets over 231.5 L
NBA 01/18     8:35 pm   Los Angeles Lakers at Houston Rockets Houston Rockets -1 L
NCB 01/18     5:00 pm   Morehead State at Belmont Belmont -16 W
NCB 01/18     6:00 pm   Tennessee at Vanderbilt Tennessee -4.5 W
NCB 01/18     6:00 pm   Louisville at Duke Duke -7 L
NCB 01/18     8:00 pm   Temple at SMU SMU -4.5 W
NCB 01/18     10:00 pm   BYU at Gonzaga Gonzaga -12.5 W