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Handicapper Profile For Cimbas winners

Cimbas winners services include handicapping :
      NFL   NBA   MLB

Visit the website for Cimbas winners

Current Handicapping Records

SportWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
NFL685654.8 %34153.436
NCF828948.0 %45-475.054
NBA16714453.7 %24252.021
NCB18115953.2 %27115.029
MLB35232052.4 %48-1378.958
NHL000.0 %00.00
CFL000.0 %00.00
WBA000.0 %00.00
OverallWinsLossesWin %RankUnitsRank
Past 7 Days000.0%00.00
Past 30 Days10758.8%1169.013
Active Season85076852.5%56-1333.569

Past Records

Last Season72-50 /   442.487-64 /   703.0276-271 /   -498.6137-128 /   -9.4329-333 /   -2200.40-0 /   0.0
Prior Season0-1 /   -44.00-0 /   0.0120-117 /   -231.096-95 /   -282.00-0 /   0.00-0 /   0.0

Current Pending Picks

About Cimbas winners Handicapping Services :
      Trying to be the most affordable for my services so that I may cater to bettors of all sizes. I back every selection with my own money as well. I only win if you win. You may contact me at stevenc8@hotmail.com with any questions, more than happy to answer. Also, when selecting the link to my site just type in "stevenc8" in the top right search function , it'll take you to my direct page where you may purchase a subscription.
Cimbas winners

Available Purchase Packages From Cimbas winners

No Packages Available From Our Site At This Time

Cappers Monitor Awards held by Cimbas winners

No awards at this time

Game Results For The Past 30 Days
NCB 03/07     12:00 pm   Virginia Military at East Tennessee St East Tennessee St -13 P
NCB 03/07     7:00 pm   George Washington at Dayton George Washington 22 L
NBA 03/07     5:05 pm   Houston Rockets at Charlotte Hornets over 218.5 L
NBA 03/07     8:35 pm   Philadelphia 76ers at Golden St Warriors Golden St Warriors 2 W
NBA 03/07     7:05 pm   Utah Jazz at Detroit Pistons under 211 L
NCB 03/08     6:00 pm   Elon at William Mary William Mary -5 L
NBA 03/08     9:05 pm   Toronto Raptors at Sacramento Kings under 228.5 L
NCB 03/08     2:30 pm   Delaware at College of Charleston Delaware 1.5 W
NBA 03/08     3:05 pm   Chicago Bulls at Brooklyn Nets under 222.5 W
NCB 03/09     9:30 pm   IUPU-Fort Wayne at North Dakota North Dakota -1.5 W
NBA 03/09     7:35 pm   Charlotte Hornets at Atlanta Hawks over 222.5 W
NCB 03/10     4:30 pm   Pittsburgh at Wake Forest Pittsburgh -0.5 W
NBA 03/10     10:35 pm   Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Lakers Brooklyn Nets 10.5 W
NCB 03/10     7:00 pm   North Carolina at Virginia Tech North Carolina -4 W
NBA 03/11     7:35 pm   New York Knicks at Atlanta Hawks over 231 W
NBA 03/11     7:05 pm   Detroit Pistons at Philadelphia 76ers under 215.5 L
NCB 03/11     8:00 pm   Appalachian State at Texas State Texas State -7 W
NCB 03/11     3:30 pm   Fordham at George Washington George Washington -2.5 L